Lancot Challenger Academy | Year 1
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Year 1


Daffodil class                    Miss Vickers


Marigold class           Miss East



                                           Year 1


 BFG  Chance for Change


The following activities are available on Crickweb, KS1, Science page: Body Parts

Brilliant Bodies, learn the names of different parts of your body

Try labelling fruit and vegetables with this game

Get your children recognising alphabetic order with this game

Useful Maths websites


MyMaths, for homework and online lessons, games
(Recognition of numbers on a hundred square)
(Recognition of place value; tens and ones)
(An interactive addition game)
(An interactive subtraction game)

(An interactive ordering numbers game)

Useful literacy websites  Spelling common exception words Grapheme Phoneme correspondents Spelling words using phonics


Useful website for practicing your phonics


This website has lots of interactive games the children are familiar with to practice their sound recognition and blending skills

A useful website with lots of e-books to share


Apps from the App Store

Why not get your children practicing their phonic knowledge on their tablets? This app gets children learning to read through play.     

Please see our current Curriculum letter

Engaging Learning for Year 1

Spring2 & Summer 1 Term 2018


Chance for Change

We will start this topic by immerse ourselves in the story of the BFG and exploring the themes of dreams, friendship and believing.


Throughout the learning journey we will ourselves attempt to strike up some new friendships along the way and seeing what you can achieve if you dream big!


Embracing this chance for change we will be using our newly acquired English, Science and DT skills to write a proposal to change the lives of the people we have met.


We can’t wait for the dreaming to begin!



Mathematics Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and Division

Measure – length

English Handwriting

Writing sentences by composing a sentence orally before writing it

Story writing

To explain clearly their understanding of what is read to them

Science To work scientifically

Identify the basic parts of the human body 

Computing We are celebrating
Geography To name, locate and identify characteristics of the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom.
Music To listen and understand a range of high-quality live and recorded music.

To experiment with, create, select and combine sounds using the inter-related dimensions of music.

Art & Design Art – To develop ideas

D&T – Food

PE Gymnastics
Parents In Partnership:

We would encourage parents to read with their children at least 4 times a week, and to ensure reading books are in book bags each day.


Both classes will have PE on a Monday afternoon.



Click here for spellings




Year 1 Assessment Sheets

writing Year 1

Reading Year 1

Maths Year 1