Lancot Challenger Academy | Sponsored Wheels Day – Thursday 21st February 2019
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Sponsored Wheels Day – Thursday 21st February 2019

Sponsored Wheels Day – Thursday 21st February 2019

On Thursday 21st February we would like the children to take part in a Sponsored Wheels day. This is a great way for the children to be involved in raising funds for the Creative Curriculum and is also a way of keeping fit and having lots of fun!

Children are invited to bring something with wheels in to school that they can ride or push around the playground, for example dolls prams, scooters, bikes, wheel barrows etc. Each class will have a time slot and the children will be given 5 minutes to see how many laps they can do.

Sponsored Wheels Day will be weather dependent and we will reschedule if necessary. On the day there will be a designated area for your child to leave their wheeled item.

We hope this is an event that the children really enjoy participating in, no matter how much money they raise or how many laps they do. 

We thank you for your support and look forward to letting you know how much we raise.

Miss McDonnell