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Lancot School

Headteacher's Welcome

As Headteacher, I would like to welcome you to Lancot school. We are located on spacious, beautiful grounds between Dunstable and Totternhoe. Currently, we have over 440 pupils on the school roll, aged 3 to 11 years. We have a number of children travel from neighbouring towns and villages to learn with us because of our commitment to excellence. 

Lancot is an inclusive school and we promote an awareness of individual needs. Our school focuses on four key values; Strength, Working Together, Aspire and Nurture. We are proud of our Character Education provision which underpins all areas of our educational offer.

Our aim is to nurture our pupils to become confident, caring and ambitious children who are ready to make a positive contribution to the wider community. We expect all adults to lead by example, treating children and colleagues fairly, consistently and with kindness and respect.

At Lancot, a key driving force is Character Education and we actively model this at all times. That is why we are proud to have been recognised as a Good school in our OFSTED inspection in July 2018. We have worked with determination, resilience, excellent teamwork and positivity to secure this deserving recognition in all areas.

We are a hard-working, dedicated and committed teaching team and Governing Body, who are very proud of the education we provide for each and every child. We work hard to create an environment which provides children with a wide and varied range of opportunities to experience success and develop life-long behaviours for learning, equipping them with the skills needed in today’s world.

We believe that our emphasis on a family orientated atmosphere, together with the expectation of high standards, gives our children an ideal start to their school lives. 

During the Early Years at Lancot School, our intention is to lay the foundations that will allow children to begin their school journey as independent and inspired individuals. Our early curriculum provides meaningful learning experiences that are rich in opportunities to secure knowledge and skills, which will be applied, practised and embedded, leading to school readiness. We believe that learning through play is the key to developing the most valuable life skills and attributes that children will need in order to become successful learners and great global citizens. Our environments, both indoors and outdoors, enable children to explore and be active. Through carefully planned, open-ended, ambiguous resources, children are required to take a lead in their learning and become imaginative critical thinkers and resilient problem-solvers. The children’s welfare, safety and happiness are at the heart of our provision.

Through our Lancot curriculum we aim to inspire and motivate. We are committed to close relationships between home and school; there are many opportunities at Lancot for parents and carers to find out about and to share in the education of their children.

In 2022 Lancot became a Chiltern Learning Trust school. CLTs role is to help young people raise their aspirations, and to work together towards excellence, ambition and inspiration.

We look forward to meeting you and working in partnership with you.

Miss Claire Probert