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Lancot School

School Enterprise & Financial Education Vision Statement

Our School Vision:

Lancot School is a thriving, welcoming and forward thinking school where children, staff and parents work together to be the best we can be. Our mission, to ‘Embrace Challenge, Expect Excellence,’ is at the forefront of every decision we make. Through our creative and integrated curriculum, we aim to inspire and motivate each and every child so that they leave us with confidence and ambition, and with a range of personal attributes and values, able to make the most of what the world and their future education has to offer.

Vision for Enterprise Education:

We want to ensure that by the time our pupils reach Year 6 they have developed a wide range of entrepreneurial skills which they can transfer and apply in everyday life to ensure successful, happy and dream filled futures are achieved. We aim for all of our pupils to develop into well rounded, confident, self-motivated, self-reflective, creative, positive individuals that can work well as part of a team to take risks and achieve excellence. Through enterprise we want to ensure that children face a wide range of challenges which will test their resilience, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills will enable them to be adaptable in the future when applying for innovative jobs we may not have even thought of yet!

Vision for Financial Education:

Year on year we want all of our pupils to develop their understanding of money, so that they can be financially literate individuals. It is essential that each year these skills are built upon so that by the time they leave us in Year 6 they are fully embedded and all pupils are able to manage their money effectively. Our aim is to provide a strong foundation in financial understanding and a range of opportunities to learn and apply their knowledge and skills to allow them to flourish in the future and live financially secure and successful lives.

We want all of our pupils to feel empowered to make their own informed decisions to use, plan and manage money effectively. It is essential that all pupils understand the importance of money in everyday life and how this could impact upon their future. This learning will all take place throughout purposeful, real-life learning experiences to ensure they will be able to transfer these skills to their own personal circumstances. This will lead to empowerment, informed decisions, confidence, calculation of risks and increase their economic links with the wider world.

Key Aspects of our Enterprise and Financial Education:

  • Each class has their own bank account which they are solely responsible for.
  • A variety of Enterprise projects run throughout our themes developing pupils entrepreneurial and financial skills.
  • We have achieved a Money Sense Accreditation which we still strive to build upon.
  • We are a Centre of Excellence for Young Money and lead the way for other schools beginning their Financial journey.