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Lancot School

School Uniform


The Lancot School uniform aims to be:

  • Practical and comfortable for everyday school wear
  • Season appropriate
  • Foster a pride in belong to the school community

The school colours are yellow, grey and navy blue and consists of:

  • Yellow polo shirt (with or without logo) – Nursery through to Year 4
  • Grey trousers, skirts, pinafores or shorts – all years
  • Navy blue sweatshirt, cardigan or jumper (with or without logo) – all years
  • Yellow and white school summer dresses – Nursery through to Year 3
  • Blue and white school summer dresses – Years 4, 5 and 6 only

(shorts worn under skirts for modesty purposes must not be visible when the child is standing)

  • White school shirt (no logo) – Years 5 and 6 only,
  • School tie – Years 5 and 6 only (provided by school)
  • White polo shirt (with or without logo) – Years 5 and 6 only – Summer Term only
  • Socks and tights should be white, grey or navy only. Discreet hair accessories should be in blue or yellow.

Items required for religious observance (i.e. head or leg coverings) should be in school colours and reflect the general uniform.

We encourage children to wear black school shoes.  Navy or black school sandals may be worn in the summer at the parent’s discretion.  Sandals should fit firmly to the foot.  Socks must still be worn.  Flip flops, heeled shoes and boots are not considered to be appropriate footwear.  If boots are worn for the walk to school, children must change into school shoes on arrival.

Flat book bags are required for Nursery through to Year 4.  Years 5 and 6 may use school rucksacks.  All are available from Best Look.

Children are not permitted to wear any form of jewellery, including earrings.

PE Uniform – main school only (not Nursery)

Navy or black shorts and white non-buttoning T shirts.  Plimsolls or trainers are also required.

For outdoor PE lessons in the colder months, children may wear plain navy sweatshirts, jogging trousers or leggings.

Swimming will take place in Key Stage 2 – parents will be advised when a swimming kit is required.


Uniform and items with or without the school logo may be ordered through Best Look, High Street North, Dunstable, Beds 01582 603603.  Non-logo uniform may be purchased from high street outlets or via online stockists.


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Label Planet’s Stikins® name labels are made of an advanced vinyl; all you have to do is stick them onto the wash-care label of clothes. They are a one-size, multipurpose label which can also be used on school items such as shoes, plastic boxes, water bottles, pencil cases etc.

For each order placed ordering Lancot School's unique code 11528, we earn 30% commission for the school. You can order online on the phone (01270 668076) or by using the order form on the leaflet we’ve given you. If you use the link on the uniform/PTA page of our school’s website, the school’s code is automatically filled in for you.