About Us

About Us:

Welcome to Lancot Challenger Academy. We are a creative, vibrant, friendly and welcoming school situated on the outskirts of Dunstable. We aim to give every possible child the best education which is reflected in our mission statement: ‘Embrace Challenge: Expect Excellence.’

Through our creative and integrated curriculum, we aim to inspire and motivate each and every child so that they leave us with confidence and ambition, and with a range of personal attributes and values, able to make the most of what the world and their future education has to offer. 

We appreciate that all children are all different, with different strengths, talents and abilities. At Lancot we try to offer them the opportunities to develop attitudes, concepts and skills through a combination of structured learning during normal school hours and by providing a wide range of extra-curricular activities

The school now operates:

  • A nursery group which children can join after they turn three
  • A fully integrated two-year Foundation Stage Unit 
  • Resourced Provision for Statemented pupils with behavioural, emotional and/or social difficulties


We aim to do the best for each child in our care working towards achieving five main objectives:

  • To support and nurture each child’s educational, emotional, social, moral and physical development in a safe and caring environment
  • To set the highest possible standard for each child’s educational achievement
  • To provide a stimulating and challenging learning environment
  • To work in partnership with parents and carers to cultivate and promote enthusiasm for learning at home and at school
  • To work with parents and carers to provide all our children with the social and interpersonal skills necessary to become well adjusted, active citizens



School Values/Attributes 

At Lancot Challenger Academy we have chosen 40 school attributes that we want all children to develop over their time in our school. These include price, cooperation, determination, curiosity, creativity, empathy just to name a few… We want to equip children with the essential skills they need to succeed – both at school and beyond.

These 40 attributes are in 4 key categories which makes up our rewards systems. 

  • Nurture
  • Working Together
  • Success
  • Aspire