Lancot Challenger Academy | About Us
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About Us

Lancot Challenger Academy  provides quality education for both boys and girls of all abilities

from the age of 3 years through to 11 years.

In September 2014 Lancot School returned to its roots as a primary school having been a lower school for  a number of years. In September 2015 we became Lancot Challenger Academy.

The school now operates:

  • A nursery group which children can join after they turn three
  • A fully integrated two year Foundation Stage Unit (Foundation Stage 1 half days, Foundation Stage 2 full days)
  • Resourced Provision for Statemented pupils with behavioural, emotional and/or social difficulties.

During a typical day a child’s work may involve whole class teaching, small group work as well as individual assignments. At Lancot we pride ourselves on the broad and balanced curriculum we are able to offer.  The National Curriculum is taught in a creative, engaging and inspiring way using enterprise and real life situations where possible.

Children are all different, with different strengths, talents and abilities. At Lancot we try to offer them the opportunities to develop attitudes, concepts and skills through a combination of structured learning during normal school hours and by providing a wide range of extra-curricular activities

We aim to do the best for each child in our care working towards achieving five main objectives:

  • To support and nurture each child’s educational, emotional, social, moral and physical development in a safe and caring environment
  • To set the highest possible standard for each child’s educational achievement
  • To provide a stimulating and challenging learning environment
  • To work in partnership with parents and carers to cultivate and promote enthusiasm for learning at home and at school

To work with parents and carers to provide all our children with the social and interpersonal skills necessary to become well adjusted, active citizens

Lancot Challenger Academy Ethos and Values

School Ethos

Lancot Challenger Academy is a value-based inclusive school and this underpins everything we do.

  • We promote an awareness of everyone’s needs.  Everyone is a valued member of our community
  • We promote emotional well being throughout the school.
  • We expect good behaviour from every member of the school community
  • We expect all adults to treat children fairly, consistently and sensitively
  • We celebrate children’s success
  • We value parental support in dealing with behavioural problems

School Values


Working Together