Challenger Diploma Awards

The Challenger Diploma

Throughout the CMAT Academies young people are encouraged to focus on character development and virtues alongside academic development. The Challenger Diploma is a bespoke programme for each young person to focus on their own development and in a way that reflects their passions and interests while ensuring that they acquire the necessary skills, attributes and understanding to see how they fit into society. The Challenger Diploma allows children to practice and demonstrate character attributes through experiences at school and at home. Children work through a number of levels to achieve bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards. These will be celebrated in school at the end of each term

All children from Year 2 – 6 have their own Diploma account that can be accessed both at home and at school. Children in Year 1 access the Diploma as a class, which allows them to gain an understanding of the character attributes they will be working on throughout their time at Lancot.

During the last 2 weeks all children in Year 2 – 6 have had the opportunity to log into their account and update it with the activities they have been working on in their new classes.

To alleviate any issues with children forgetting their log in details, we have reset log ins and passwords for all children. Your child’s class teacher has shared these with your child.

While time is allocated during the school week to enter activities for the Diploma, children can also access the Diploma via the School website in the Parent & Pupil Zone (you will find a simple guide on how to use the system here also).

We look forward to hearing about the children’s personal development and sharing their successes in the coming weeks.

If you have problems here is a guide to Logging on and recording your activities.

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