Lancot Challenger Academy | Curriculum
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Lancot – Using Design in Curriculum Brochure


Schemes of work we follow at Lancot

English – Talk For Writing

Maths – ┬áNational Curriculum & White Rose

Phonics – Letters and Sounds

Religious Education – Bedford Borough SACRE Agreed Syllabus

Physical Education – National Curriculum

Music – National Curriculum delivered by the Luton Music Service

Geography – National Curriculum & Chris Quigley

History – National Curriculum & Chris Quigley

French – Wakefield Scheme

Computing – Rising Stars

Science – National Curriculum & Chris Quigley

Medium Term Curriculum Overviews

Foundation 1

Foundation 2

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Maths Calculation Policy 2019-20

Maths Curriculum Booklet


Talk for writing

Science Milestones

History Milestones

History Vocabulary

Geography Milestones

Geography Vocabulary

D.T Milestones

DT Vocabulary

Music Milestones

Music Vocabulary

R.E Milestones

R.E. Vocabulary


Jigsaw Vocabulary

Computing Milestones

Computing Vocabulary

French Milestones