Generation Rebuild

At Lancot, we pride ourselves on our curriculum design; each year, our learning journeys place learning in three whole school themes that reflect what is both current and relevant, and is therefore able to support pupils with their understanding of the world they live in.

Generation Rebuild was designed to support our pupils in understanding the new way of live during the Covid 19 global pandemic. Each year group has reflected on the past, the present and considered future possibilities which highlight the positives that have come out of this challenging situation. Through our Character Education, we feel passionately that such a learning journey will support the development of compassion, optimism and resilience.

So, with immense pride in every single one of our pupils for their outstanding contribution, we invite you to sit back and prepare to be WOWED from the comfort of your own home. Until we can return to our traditional style of WOW celebrations, we are bringing the celebrations to you! We hope you enjoy ‘Lancot’s Big Night In’ and are left feeling inspired and uplifted.

Click on the gifs below to be taken to each year groups work: