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During lockdown and uncertain times, we as a school thought it was important to focus on how we could support our community through these troubled times. This is where “Better Together” was launched. The children would be responsible for finding ways to support and cheer up the general public and school family. Better Together was a public YouTube channel where the children’s learning was linked to ways in which we could create videos to share online. We had videos ranging from cooking tutorials to yoga demonstrations. Even our nursery took part by making everyone laugh with a collection of their best jokes.  This not only developed the children’s speaking and listening skills it also covered a wide range of creative curriculum objectives whilst giving them the empathy to understand how some people may have been feeling isolated during lockdown.

Why not check out our channel and see for yourselves. #bettertogether


Here are some quotes from our pupils regarding their experiences with home learning

Year 6: 

“I liked the home learning, it was easier to focus, but the laptop was tricky at times.”

“I loved setting up the YouTube channel because we got to watch all of our 

friends carry out the same work as us just like we would have in class! 

I loved seeing their faces as I missed them!” 

“We were set a wide range of maths, English and creative tasks every week which helped us learn.

The teachers were always there to help and give us feedback.”

“I found it interesting to have a new learning environment that challenged me to be more independent.”

“The YouTube channel was really cool and I enjoyed being able to get my family to watch the videos too.”

“It was good that during lockdown we still had video calls with our teachers and could see and speak to our friends.”


Year 3: 

“We were able to access everything we needed to learn from one place, google classroom.”

“We got to see our classmates on google hangouts which made me happy!”


Year 1:

“It was fun making the videos and I liked watching them and seeing my friends that I hadn’t seen in ages!”

“We were given lots of different work to do on the computer including reading, numbers, writing and making videos.”

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