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Welcome to our Lancot Challenger Academy Governors’ Page

Chair of Governors’ 

Emma Reade

Having attended Lancot myself, I was keen to contribute to the school life when my first son joined the Nursery in 2014. When I was a child my learning was impacted by hearing difficulties and, as we all do, I remember vividly the teachers who made a difference through having a positive, flexible and sensitive approach; I appreciate how important this is at Lancot in empowering all children to reach their potential.

I have a passion for promoting the needs of every child and appreciate the importance placed on creative curriculum at Lancot, and the strong emphasis on quality of life, relationships and group experiences throughout all the years here. I have a strong belief that children thrive if they feel secure and confident in their environment.

I am the Chief Executive Officer at Autism Bedfordshire, which was graded Ofsted Outstanding July 2017 and, over the last 20 years, I have worked across public, private and voluntary sector – predominately in Child Protection, Social Services and Special Educational Needs. I’m experienced in analysing data and monitoring how services are performing and can therefore provide the Senior Leadership Team with both support and challenge.

It is exciting to be working together with such committed and skilled Governors in ensuring that Lancot offers the best possible education for all our children now and in the future.

Adam Taylor

Deputy Chair of Governors

I am Adam Taylor, I currently have three sons at Lancot and I am the Deputy Chair of Governors. I grew up in North London and moved out to Dunstable in 2007. My eldest son started Lancot in 2012 and I have had a keen interest in the education system since then. I am ambitious for all children within the school and am passionate for their educational needs. I have a strong commitment towards school improvement and am focused on key strategic priorities. I am a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer working on the London Underground rail network. We cover safety critical works and pre – arranged major engineering projects. A high proportion of my workload is dedicated to various Health and Safety functions within the network as well as world leading innovation and product design and development. I am currently completing a BSc hons in Construction Project Management. I will be overseeing major contracts within London Underground and utilising my mechanical and electrical background to complete large scale projects.

Lisa Ellis

Hi, my name is Lisa Ellis and I currently have 3 children at Lancot Challenger Academy. I have been a parent at Lancot for 10 years and feel that now is a really good time to become a Governor, in order to support the school and Lancot community. I can offer 10 years of Lancot experience, within which I have had an involvement with various activities and organisations and have a huge passion and driving force in making this amazing school and community the very best. I am particularly enthused by the creative learning opportunities that Lancot provide. I am looking forward to the upcoming WOW’s this year to see the many ways in which the children achieve!

Frances Mitchell

I was born and raised in Dunstable and am a proud mum of two children that currently attend Lancot Challenger Academy. Before I had children I worked within the food distribution sector for 15 years as a National Account Manager. The experience I gained in my career has given me the confidence to challenge processes and behaviour. It enables me to communicate effectively with people at all levels and ensures I have a practical and objective way of thinking. As a person I am enthusiastic and approachable. This will enable me to assist and support Lancot on its journey of continuous school improvement. I am committed to the role I have taken as an academy Governor. I have seen the recent progress at Lancot Challenger Academy and look forward to being part of a Governing Body who will support the Lancot Leadership Team with their continued progress to make the school an outstanding place for our children to learn and grow.

Bobbie Goodson

I was born in Dunstable and have lived here all my life. Both myself and my husband Jon attended Lancot Lower School when we were young and have great memories of our school days. It’s so nice to see our own children happy here. I worked as a classroom leader at a private school and nursery in Luton for ten years before leaving to start a family in 2009. My two sons, joined Lancot Nursery aged 3 and are now currently in Year 4 and Year 2. In addition to my previous professional experience in working with children, my husband and I have also been Local Authority foster carers since 2012. We have cared for a total of 8 young people so far in that time, mostly babies for placements of up to a year. Consequently I have a good familiarity with safeguarding issues, latest theory in child development and an appreciation of the sort of responsibilities that come with looking after children and young people. I feel this gives me a good grounding for taking on a role as a Governor. My strengths in this regard include good record-keeping and organisational skills and an enthusiasm for helping young people. I am looking forward to becoming part of a great
team that will assist the school leadership in the continued progress I have seen at Lancot in recent years.

Rowan Flitton

I have lived in Dunstable for the past 23 years and am a proud mum of three children that all currently attend Lancot Challenger Academy. I currently work as an IT Portfolio Manager in the Travel Industry and have 23 years’ experience working in the IT sector. I believe my experience will aid me to fully understand how the school operates and allow me to support and challenge where necessary the running and leadership of the school. Coming from an IT and Management background I enjoy analysing data and embrace change at all levels. With this in mind I feel this will enable me to help and support Lancot to achieve even better results. As a person I am hardworking and enthusiastic and am fully committed to being an academy governor I am passionate about helping to ensure continued progress to make the school an outstanding place for our children to learn.

Contact details:

Mrs Emma Reade

c/o Lancot Challenger Academy

Lancot Drive




Date of Governor Appointments:

Emma Reade: appointed 3rd July 2017

Adam Taylor: appointed 3rd July 2017

Lisa Ellis: appointed 3rd July 2017

Frances Mitchell: appointed 3rd July 2017

Bobbie Goodson: appointed 3rd July 2017

Rowan Flitton: appointed 3rd July 2017