Lancot Intergeneration Programme – Priory View

A group of children from Daisy, Bluebell and Buttercup have had the privilege of spending time with residents at Priory View in Dunstable as part the Lancot Intergeneration Programme.

We are thrilled to be able to create and offer this programme within our community – the benefits for all are endless! From spending time with elders, children develop greater empathy, enhanced communication skills and feel a boost to self-esteem. Research suggests that there are wider academic benefits too, such as an increased knowledge of past, present and change and the promotion of literacy skills. It is also an opportunity to deepen their understanding of many of our school attributes and values, such as nurture, responsibility and service.

For older generations, spending time with young children brings a sense of joy, freedom and purpose. It decreases feelings of isolation and loneliness and has proven benefits to physical and mental health.

Our Lancot children are clearly already making an impact on the residents. This is the letter that we received from June:


To Lancot,

I just had to write and say how delightful it was to meet you – teachers and adorable children. They are a credit to their parents and you, the teachers. I trust you all enjoyed the morning as much as I did. Hope to see you all again soon.

June – Priory View Resident

We are overjoyed that the programme has been an immediate success and it is something that we aim to continue.

If you’d like the opportunity to meet some of our new friends at Priory View, we would be delighted to see you at the Easter Fair, held at Priory View on the 13th April.

We’d like to thank the parents, families and, most of all, our Lancot children for committing to the programme and helping us to make a difference.

Mrs Fraser
Early Years Lead

World Book Day book swap

Across the Challenger Multi Academy Trust, from Essex to Bedfordshire, the CMAT Big Book Swap has already begun, with form groups from all schools nominating last week their favourite books which they have turned into a review, which will be stuck on the inside cover of the actual book itself (bought by CMAT colleagues) and then wrapped up and sent to their partner form group in another CMAT school. Once all of the books have been donated and received, special sections of each school’s library will be given over to books received as part of this outstanding, trust-wide initiative.

Oak Class enjoyed receiving their book, even Hoppy wanted to read it too!! Thank you to Westborough School.