Lancot Challenger Academy | Pupil Leadership Team
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Pupil Leadership Team

Children at Lancot are given the opportunity to apply for a variety of different pupil leadership roles, these include; school council, librarian, prefect, digital leader, maths leader, assembly assistant, Orchard friends, playground friends, science leader, enterprise leader and green fingers.
To apply for these roles children must complete application forms and be formally interviewed. Children then receive training and support from a teacher. They will then work along side this teacher to fulfil their duties.
Keep an eye on the pupil leadership blog to see what they have all been up to.

Assembly Leader Job Specification

Challenger Diploma Leader Job Specification

Digital Leader Job Specification

Enterprise Leader Job Specification

Friend of Orchard Job Specification

Greenfingers Job Specification

Librarian Job Specification

Maths Leader Job Specification

Playground Friend Job Specification

School Council Job Specification

Science Leader Job Specification