Lancot Challenger Academy | The school day
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The school day

Registration opens                                         8.50am
Registration closes                                         9.00am
Break time for Years 1 – 4                            10.30-10.45am
Break time for Years 5/6                            
(Tuck shop operates during this time)             10.45-11.00am
Years 1 – 4 Lunchtime                                   12.00-12.45pm  
Years 1 – 4 In-class reader                          12.45-1.00pm
Years 5/6 Lunchtime                                    12.15-1.00pm      
Years 5/6 In-class reader                            1.00-1.15pm
Bell to signal 5 minutes until
end of the school day                                    3.10pm
End of the school day                                    3.15pm